Ryan White


Classes by RYAN WHITE

[Day 1]
6:30PM – 8:30PM
Theme: Audio 101 with RODE

Personal Information

Ryan White is working towards his sixteenth year as an Audio Engineer.  In 2011, Ryan graduated from Arizona’s Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences before relocating to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles, Ryan worked for composer Klaus Badelt, and drum software developer, Steven Slate. Ryan has been an Audio Engineer in all major areas of the industry, from film production to video game audio, and regularly records music in his free time. Ryan has since become a Product Specialist for Rode Microphones where he travels the United States training and educating the Music Industry and Film Industry on all Rode Microphones’ product line.

Course Title: Audio 101 with RODE

This class will be an overall run-through of microphone options and audio techniques for videography.  RØDE Product Specialist, RyanWhite, will present tools commonly used in recording, from microphone types to common accessories.  The class will briefly discuss a microphone’s design, educate on the science behind it, and finally, go over the most common applications for each tool.