[Day 2]
Theme: “Getting Creative With Color” (Room 1)

Personal Information

Jesse Miller currently serves as Professor of Photo Arts in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Central Oklahoma.  He received his Master’s in Fine Art (M.F.A.) with an emphasis in photography from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) from Rockford College.  Jesse is also a professional freelance photographer and fine artist with over 15 years’ experience.  His images have been shown in galleries across the United States and internationally.
Some of Jesse’s academic accomplishments include authoring the instructional books The Aspects of Contemporary Photographic Lighting, The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, andAn Introduction to Photography Techniques and Editingalong with fellow professor Mark Zimmerman.  Jesse has served as the co-director for international summer internship program for the College of Liberal Arts at UCO.  He has a strong interest in travel photography and has lead study tours and photography club trips, in which students get to practice the techniques of photography in unique locations.
Before teaching at UCO, Jesse was an adjunct instructor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and children’s docent at the Guggenheim Heritage Museum of Art.  During that time, he was also co-owner of A6 Gallery in Henderson, Nevada, specializing in showing works of upcoming artists.  He also accomplished a series of public artworks, including a three-year redesign of the fine arts plaza at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and a series of installations associated with the 100 year anniversary of Las Vegas

Course Title: Getting Creative with Color

We experience color every day but how often do we utilize its full potential in our
photographs? In this session, photographer and professor of photographic arts Jesse Miller will discuss how an understanding of color theory can unlock new ways of visualizing color. Jesse will demonstrate color styling techniques that can add mood and a new level of interest to your photos. By getting creative with color, you can reveal new creative possibilities for your photography.