Jason Pierce


[Day 2]
12:00PM – 1:45PM
Theme: Chasing Light (Room 1)

Personal Information

Like father like son. Jason Pierce was raised in a home where his dad’s amazing photos painted the walls. Watching his dad and appreciating photography from an early age, the artistry stuck. He started taking journalism classes through high school and college and began to learn photographic techniques. However, he didn’t find his personal style until his daughter was born. Jason consistently photographed her trying to capture her every expression. The outcome was more than he had hoped for. He had found his style, creating images that would elicit a reaction. As his family grew, and his two sons were born, so did his passion for photography and it soon became his career.

As time passed he wanted to step out of his normal photography style and try something new. He began experimenting with exposure and exploring light and a passion for infrared and vibrant landscape photography was born. As he started exploring and solving technical problems with his photos the solutions led to some very creative and dramatic images. Using these techniques, he has captured many Oklahoma City cityscapes, architectural buildings and travel landscapes.

Jason graduated with a Journalism degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, he lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and children. He owns Grand Life Originals Photography with his father, Ron.


Course Title: Chasing Light

Course Description: In this class, Jason Pierce will share stories and discuss techniques for capturing vibrant and tonal images while maintaining your passion for photography in this busy world.