Geovanny De Leon


Classes by Geovanny De Leon

[Day 1]
6:30PM – 8:30PM
Theme: ENVOY PROGRAM | Sponsored by Westcott
[Day 3 ]
11:15AM – 1:00PM
Theme: "Underwater Photography

Course Title: Underwater Photography

Don’t waste time wishing you could photograph underwater. Just dive right in. Literally! In this class, we will explain what you need to take into consideration to turn your expectations for underwater photography into reality. Our instructor will go over equipment usage for the average photographer and videographer, as well as safety precautions to help ensure your subject will remain safe while getting the most out of your shots. Live models will be on sight, diving in and providing demonstrations for the class. We will also have equipment on sight available for use. YES! CAMERAS YOU CAN — USE to photograph underwater and get a first hand experience in an exciting new field. Although you don’t need to dive in yourself, be aware that you will be in the splash zone!