R. Christian Bruggeman



[Day 1]
6:30PM – 8:30PM
Theme: ENVOY PROGRAM | Sponsored by Westcott
[Day 2]
10:30AM – 11:15AM
Theme: “Rooftop Portraiture with RC Bruggeman"

Course Title: Rooftops, Cityscapes, and Clandestine Spaces

Enjoy a spacious cityscape view while engaging in portraiture with off camera lighting, Westcott modifiers, and other tools to enhance your shot.  The class will cover current and traditional trends using classic tools that you can add to your camera bag.  This live hands-on demonstration will also streamline your editing workflow and make your post production more seamless.

We will conquer the blazing sun and harsh shadows head on for a perfect portrait session.  

Secret locations will be revealed of greater Oklahoma City Metro and other spaces as a takeaway.  A list of do’s and don’ts will finish up the day as you are inspired to participate in this unique downtown view.