[Day 3]
2:00PM – 3:15PM
Theme: “Taking the Intimidation out of Flash Photography” (Room 2)

Personal Information

Brandon Heiss has over 15 years of portrait photography experience, with the last seven years in various roles at Westcott. Westcott is
focused on educating photographers who are new to the industry, or new to the world of lighting. Prior to joining Westcott, Brandon
taught photography for five years in higher education, and worked as a University Photographer at Bowling Green State University in

Course Title: Chasing Light | Taking the Intimidation out of Flash Photography

Brandon will show how easy it can be to use portable speedlites both in the studio and outdoors. Don’t let the lights intimidate you, as
they can be amazing tools and chances are that you probably own at least one portable flash already! During the class, we will
troubleshoot common issues with using speedlites and how to correct those issues on the fly.
For this demonstration, Brandon will be using portable speedlites, along with a variety of light modifiers to achieve amazing images that
will help your photography immediately. Bring your camera to the class and use our speedlites to make some images yourself!