Alex Dugan


Classes by Alex Dugan

[Day 1]
6:30PM – 8:30PM
Theme: ENVOY PROGRAM | Sponsored by Westcott
[Day 3]
11:15AM – 1:00PM
Theme: “No Cheese Please” Hands-On! (Lobby)

Personal Information

Alexandra Dugan is a photographer based in Oklahoma City who specializes in weddings, portraits, and boudoir. A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, she initially discovered her love of photography after enrolling in an elective class as a freshman, resulting in a change in both her degree program and career focus. Since earning a Bachelor’s in Photographic Arts, Alexandra has established a presence in the region by creating timeless, natural images that tell authentic stories on their own. In addition to her photography work, she enjoys educating fellow photographers in both conference and classroom settings, covering topics ranging from properly capturing wedding moments, to improving editing skills and workflow. An avid film photography and large format hobbyist, Alexandra is a founding member of the Oklahoma Film Club — a fitting outlet for her growing collection of vintage analog cameras.  

Course Title: No Cheese Please

No Cheese, Please is a hands-on class for those who struggle with posing couples and getting authentic expressions. Grow your confidence with communication during your sessions, learn how to get people feeling comfortable in front of your camera, coach genuine reactions from your subjects, and direct your clients into an all-around amazing experience — all while avoiding the dread stiff and cheesy expressions.  All you need is yourself, your camera, and please, no cheese!